FighterHeart Charity

FighterHeart is a very powerful positive term that embodies growth. Overcoming serious obstacles requires courage, spirit, action. At the core, overcoming difficult challenges requires having the spirit of a fighter, requires having and being, a FighterHeart

Applied to an individual a FighterHeart is someone who succeeds in overcoming adversity and perservering through seemingly insurmountable odds. Teams and groups can also channel this motivation to reach goals and win.

FighterHeart channels values like optimism, courage, passion, determination, perseverance, resilience and a never-give-up mentality. This inspires and motivates people to reach their highest potential, no matter the situation.

We are creating the community around people who have demonstrated how to overcome extreme adversity in their lives. All our welcome to join us as we overcome difficult situations together. 

We know that our potential to do good with storytelling and mentorship is limited. This is why we have decided to donate regularly to charities who share the same values and help people in need, especially children and youth. We will donate as much proceeds as we can directly to these charitie. As a benchmark as we develop our community, we aim to donate 20% of our net revenue to charities, sometimes adding projects where this percentage can go up to 100%.   

Contact us if you want to make additional donations or be part of our charity network!