The Story

We are dedicated to telling inspirational stories and giving valuable insights to overcome adversity. This is embodied in our community that gives anyone the ability to talk about their challenges and receive guidance. We center our activities around at FighterHeart around successful people who have overcome extreme adversity. We tell their stories and celebrate their success to provide a source of inspiration and motivation for everyone who is struggling to cope with physical, social, or mental challenges.

The FighterHeart Founder’s Club is a close-knit community where we bring in speakers, special guests, and like-minded individuals to overcome challenges together.

By purchasing a FighterHeart Founder’s Club Card (NFT) you gain access to this community and exclusive benefits.

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  • Eduard Kraemer - Founder & CEO

    Born in Romania, raised in Germany, travelled and worked globally, helped me experience challenges in many different ways, but also develop a valuable and enjoyable set of intercultural skills.
    For 20+ years I’ve been helping businesses, implementing new technologies. FighterHeart is my latest startup, creating valuable real-life use-cases for new technologies.

  • Benny Pekala - Head of Product

    Co Founder Birdwell Solutions, formerly Virtual United. Head of Development at Cryptan Labs. Has led 5+ teams on 15+ apps and to grow companies from 0 to $250k+ AR and 0 to 5,000+ users. Specializes in business applications of web3 business models.

  • Robinson Cook - Head of Development

    Co Founder Birdwell Solutions. Head of Engineering at Cryptan Labs. Has led 5+ teams of developers on 15+ mobile and web applications. Has trained and managed 25+ developers. Full stack experience in all major frameworks, specialty in Solidity smart contract and dApp development.

  • Nikki Sanmarco - Senior Engineer, Blockchain Development

    10+ years management experience in engineering. Nikki’s transferred the best parts of her experience in mid-sized companies and complex processes into web3 by learning solidity development and delivering exceptional code.

  • Ryan Costello - Head of Brand & Social

    Ryan is the Founder and Entrepeneurial mind behind Moverz Media Group. From Cofounding and running a fast growing music festival to creating brand strategies ryan is always up to something creative.

  • Dylan McIntyre - Head of Operations

    Dylan has come up working for tech startups prominently growing one of the fastest growing fintech companies to unicorn status in less than one year of product launch.  Now he is the COO of Moverz Media Group, defying what marketing is and connecting brands to their communities through innovative technology.