Everyone will go through some sort of struggle in their lives. These FighterHearts showcased are the ones who kept fighting and are here to inspire others to do the same

FighterHeart / KämpferHerz 2022 Lau...

FighterHeart / KämpferHerz 2022 Lau...

FighterHeart / KämpferHerz 2022 Lau...

FighterHeart Friday

Each week we will highlight a new story of someone who has done what it takes to be considered a FighterHeart

What our fighters are saying

It's never easy. Especially not when you find yourself in difficult and seemingly hopeless situations in life. Our fighters have been in exactly these situations and have fought their way back to the top. Read here what matters and what makes a fighterheart. Get inspired...

  • Lorenzo Thomas

    “It’s being capable of handling yourself, and being strong enough to withstand anything that happens or what anyone says about you.”

  • Marc Berlin

    “Don't be afraid to make mistakes…surround yourself with good people that will support you and encourage you.”

  • Lorenzo Bernardez Jr

    A FighterHeart athlete is “someone who’s resilient, displays perseverance, and is relentless in their pursuit of their dreams.”

  • Donny Maldonado

    A FighterHeart is “someone who is always ready for any type of fight, it doesn’t matter if it’s going to be long or short, the point is to be there at the end.”

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