Justin Kull - From Crushed Pro Dreams To Athlete Creating

Justin Kull - From Crushed Pro Dreams To Athlete Creating

Many people grow up watching athletes of all kinds, dreaming of one day becoming the superstar others observe and admire. This was the case for Justin Kull, the founder of Revolution Athletics in Bohemia, NY. He talked to us about his journey while attempting to become a pro-athlete, coming to terms with it not happening, and how he pivoted to helping create professional athletes through his extensive training programs.

Crushed Championship Dreams

Justin Kull has been playing sports his entire life, with the goal of one day becoming a professional athlete and champion. He played football all throughout high school but never won a title. “I made it to four championship games in high school, and lost all four of them. I've never been a champion, but It never stopped me from working really hard and believing that I could eventually win that championship” said Justin. Eventually he realized that having this championship mind state, and putting in the hours that it takes to get to that title game is where the true value lied for him.

The Turning Point

“I came to realize that at the end of the day, it wasn't about winning the championship, it was about the work that we put in to get it that level, and that really helped make me who I am today” he said. At only twenty four years old, and teaching high school classes, Justin came up with the idea to open his own training facility. “I took a big risk starting a business that was passion based. Back in 2008, a lot of people told me I was crazy starting a business because we were going through a recession” he said. Justin came up with the idea while thinking back to his days training to go pro, and how there were really no facilities dedicated to getting high school athletes to the next level. “The whole premise of Revolution Athletics, and why we use the word “Revolution,” was because we wanted to make a huge change in the industry on Long Island” he said.

How to Succeed Going All-In into a Risky Revolution

A revolution is exactly what he created because now years later Justin trains hundreds of athletes to go pro per year, and is growing everyday. Justin’s story explains exactly why he is a prime example of a FighterHeart athlete. He followed his gut despite being hit with backlash from his peers, and opened a business during a recession. Justin persisted and came out on top with what is now Long Island’s premiere high school and college athlete training facility. “Having a FighterHeart means having a relentless mentality, and that’s something I try to pass on to my students” he said. “You have to embrace the challenge and adversity in life and learn to enjoy it… Life is nothing more than like a wave that goes up and down. You should enjoy the ride up, but don't get upset on the way down either” he said.

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