Steven Arnone - Obese to Bodybuilder

Steven Arnone - Obese to Bodybuilder

After tipping the scales at over 300 lbs, this former college football player found himself in the midst of an emotional breakdown, weeping at the edge of his bed, having no idea what direction to go with his life. It was at this moment that Steven Arnone realized that he needed to make a massive change. With much determination and discipline, Steve was able to transform himself into a world class bodybuilder/personal trainer and even took third place at the recent Julie Palmer Ultimate Showdown competition. 

When Dreams Burst and Depression Hits

Steve worked his whole life to become a professional football player. He spent countless hours practicing, honing his craft as an offensive lineman, and putting on weight in the process. Eventually, he determined that the NFL was not going to be a possibility, and had a difficult time coming to terms with it. Steve recalled his darkest moment, “I had just finished my college football career and was sitting on my bed, watching the Biggest Loser actually. Right before, I had just seen my heaviest weight of 314lbs on the scale… I broke out in full blown tears. I was a 300lb, 6ft tall grown man, covered in tattoos, weeping on the floor, begging God to give me the power to save myself.”     

Starting a Routine Changed His Life

The next day Steve woke up with a new feeling inside. Although he had just had his lowest moment just hours ago, he felt like a new person. He knew this was the moment that he had to make a permanent change and went all in with that mindset. Steve began to develop a workout routine and eat clean at a consistent rate, going to the gym every single day and avoiding processed foods. When asked how he was able to make such a drastic change so quickly, Steve replied, “I feel like routine is one of the biggest things that you need to get down. If you go out, doing the same things every single day, it does become a habit. It gets easier, and then once you're doing it consistently, you can gauge your progress, and that's where the fun really starts...Once you can see yourself achieving goals and progressing, you get addicted to it.” Slowly and steadily Steve began to see the results he was looking for, sticking to his process and fighting off his urges that would throw him off track. 

Never Get Complacent 

Today, a few short years later, Steve is a personal trainer and finds himself prepping for an upcoming bodybuilding competition, showing what can be accomplished when applying the FighterHeart mentality. When asked what he thinks it means to have a Fighter Heart Steve said, “it's never being complacent in whatever you're going after…even when things start to get easy, you stay on full throttle and keep pushing.” What kind of advice does he have for others who reach their breaking point? “First get over it. No one is going to do anything for you. No one is going to change your life for you, it's all on you…and you have to realize how powerful a tool that really is, YOU are in control. YOU can put yourself where you want. Be consistent and never get complacent, when you achieve one goal, set out after that next one and keep it going.” he said. 

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